A Rising Music Star Plays Gibson’s Hit Factory

When Houston-based Rhino Marketing and emerging music talent Monica Matocha were looking to launch the career of the promising rock n’ roll/pop music singer and accomplished musician, they sought out a multi-faceted business, music, entertainment and marketing expertise in the world of entertainment communications.

Rhino called Terry Lyons who put a multi-platform promotional infrastructure in gear.

After careful planning and multiple strategy sessions, Lyons recommended, and orchestrated, a “Summer Music Showcase” for the Monica Matocha Band at the New York City studios of Gibson Guitar.

In the same studio that played host to multiple Bruce Springsteen recording sessions and Michael Jackson’s studio work on “Thriller,” Matocha and her band stepped up to the big-time and rocked an intimate and influential gathering of industry movers, media and record company execs.

“After her Gibson Hit Factory debut, I congratulated Monica and the band on a really spectacular performance.  We had a number of very “heavy” music industry people in the room, and every one of them that I talked to was very impressed with what they saw and heard.  All seemed to agree that Monica has what it takes to be a star, and everyone I talked to was also raving about the band,” said “Cruze,” the musical director for the band.

Monica explained to her fans in a blog post – “I just got back from NY and I still haven’t quite wrapped my mind around everything that happened. The show was INCREDIBLE, my band rocked, the people that came were so great… It could not have gone any better. I can’t thank you guys enough for your good luck messages/tweets! We had such a blast! Video and professional pics coming soon, but for now you can enjoy my insta-feed of iphone fun.”  🙂


ASSIGNMENT: To create a multi-platform event and communications plan to introduce pop singer Monica Matocha to the music industry.

PROGRAM: Terry Lyons tapped longtime music industry icon Gibson Guitar to host a music showcase at Gibson’s Hit Factory studios in New York.  Lyons and worked with Rhino Marketing to invite industry leaders, media and influencers to attend the 45-minute showcase where Monica Matocha and her band impressed the audience with a short set of original music, followed by a 30-minute meet & greet with industry bigtimers. Since Monica had already built a very strong and loyal following on multiple social media platforms, we quickly turned around photography and video clips to accompany her personal tweets and blog posts which enhanced her popularity, status and overall net worth in the music industry.

RESULTS: The successful New York debut became a springboard to future success for Matocha and her band, resulting in nominations for Best New Act, Best Female Vocals and Best Pop Singer at the Houston Press Music Awards where she won as Best Female Vocals and Best Pop Singer as she gained extensive media coverage and radio play for the band.  Gibson NYC and other music industry blogs spread the story of the showcase with links directly to video captured by TV crews hired to cover the showcase.  The music showcase was re-purposed and became a successful music video launched to capture the showcase and share it with her growing fan base.