Co-Founder Boston VC Sports

When sports industry entrepreneurs and founders of New York Venture Community Sports Jeff Volk and Deepen Parikh looked to Boston to expand the reach of their sports business, tech and investing network, they tapped Terry Lyons Sports Marketing to become a Co-Founder of Boston VC Sports.

During the Summer of 2018, Lyons and his fellow founding group members laid the groundwork for the first event, held in September, where a full house of sports entrepreneurs convened at the law firm of Burns & Levison LLP for the inaugural meeting.

The foundation was built and the group is now fully established and holding regular meetings to bring together sports industry deal-makers who can network and better their business in Boston, connected by a growing group of colleagues who can assist, advise or simply support their growth.

ASSIGNMENT: Launch the Greater Boston sports business, tech and investment networking group Boston VC Sports and help strategize, build, promote and stage a regular calendar of events while growing membership, expanding contacts and maintaining the group’s online media outreach.

PROGRAM: Lyons stepped-up to help on multiple fronts, calling on his vast sports business, media and sports tech contacts to help launch the networking group while building the online and social media following by creating including its layout, photography and upkeep.

As the group progressed, Lyons filled the role of “utility shortstop” utilizing his entrepreneurial skills to regularly fill the gaps and assure the group’s success.

RESULTS: Boston VC Sports is up and running after a highly successful launch in the Fall of 2018. Please visit for a deep dive into the networking group.