Terry Lyons

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“You have been an MVP in your contributions to the success and building of the present NBA and you will be sorely missed. Thank you for all of your contributions and for your continued support, of not only the NBA, but also of our entire USA Basketball program.”

Jerry Colangelo, Managing Director of USA Basketball’s Senior Men’s program and former owner Phoenix Suns and NBA Chairman of the Board of Governors.

“Sports brings people together, brings countries together. The NBA is a global brand. It’s watched all over the world. Sport doesn’t recognize political boundaries. That’s what makes it so fantastic.”

Marty Natalegawa, Indonesia’s U.N. Ambassador and Security Council president.

“Terry worked arduously for 26 years and is one of the people who made the NBA what it is today. I enjoyed working with him. Terry is the consummate professional.”

Clyde Drexler, member of the 1992 USA Basketball Dream Team, basketball legend and NBA champion with the 1995 Houston Rockets.

“When I first met Terry in July 2007, I could instantly tell I was in the presence of a complete pro. Watching him lay out his vision for promoting Covert with his style of quiet confidence and creative vision – drawing on his two decades-plus years at the upper-echelon of sports communications – was inspiring. One thing I immediately noticed: He doesn’t push – he suggests, with ideas flowing from careful research, his immense bank of national and international contacts, his organized approach to problem-solving, and an intuition forged from experience. When Terry talks, you can’t help but listen — and learn.”

Dave Scheiber, co-author of Covert: My Years Infiltrating the Mob

“Terry Lyons was a name I was familiar with from the day I became part of the NBA some 20-plus years ago – and a person I am proud to know today. Terry decided to step down from his executive post as the head of the NBA’s International Communications department in June 2007. I was in the process of completing a book on my life – Covert: My Years Infiltrating the Mob — Sterling Publishing/Union Square Press. I approached Terry about getting involved and invited him to dinner with my co-author Dave Scheiber and Editorial Director Philip Turner.

Bottom line: Within a week, Terry was part of the Covert book team. His mind never stops. He has an amazing ability to see the invisible in any given situation, to anticipate challenges and build winning strategies. I’ve made a lot of calls during my years running the NBA’s hardwood courts, but the call to Terry Lyons was one of the smartest I’ve ever made.”

Bob Delaney, NBA Referee, former New Jersey State Trooper and author.

“I was really surprised by how many people knew who I was and wanted to have an autograph or just say ‘Hi.’ I expected the kids at the camp to know a lot about basketball and the NBA, but everywhere I went people recognized me. I really didn’t expect that. It’s a great feeling to know people are paying attention on the other side of the world.”

Chicago Bulls star Ben Gordon after he visited Beijing in the summer of 2007 with Nike’s All Asia basketball camp.

“I worked together with Terry and the NBA for more than 25 years. In the early 1980’s, we worked closely on photography projects for the league and its licensees. Terry’s vision, insight and initiative were directly responsible for the creation of NBA Photos, which became a league venture in 1986 and since has become the leader in sports stock photography and a huge part of NBA Entertainment. I am grateful for my personal and professional relationship with Terry for a quarter of a century, and look forward to many years of collaboration in the future.”

NBA Sr. Photographer Andrew D. Bernstein

“Terry is real and always straight-forward. I always knew that if I ever needed something from the NBA, Terry would always be available. He treated everyone the same and with respect no matter what language you spoke. I thank Terry for the great friendship and his professionalism shown during my last 19 years with the Miami Heat.”

Miami Heat Sr. Advisor, Hispanic Broadcasting and Marketing Jose Paneda

“Terry played such a major role in the league’s growth, not only in what he did but in how he did it. His career should be held up as an example to every wide-eyed college kid who is breaking into the business.”

Josh Rosenfeld, four-time NBA champion PR Director for the Los Angeles Lakers, NBA Director of International Public Relations, ‘90-94, and distinguished winner of the McHugh-Splaver award for Excellence.

“We would like to thank Terry Lyons of the NBA for such a helpful introduction to his world, that of the NBA. The friendship, which began on a basketball court at a time when the reality of this great sports spectacle was not yet globalized, but which today we can reach out and touch with one hand. At that time, ‘world’ basketball was just a dream but today, it is a reality that fills us with pride and joy. Terry, together with his colleague Brian, taught us that NBA not only means National Basketball Association, but also “Nobody Beats America,” not speaking on the court but with regard to knocking down fences and finding the most efficient short-cuts that helped their idea, their vision take off and kept flying higher than ever.”

-written in a dedication from highly respected journalists from Corriere dello Sport and Il Resto del Carlino of Italy in a book, Basketball without Borders a story on the life of Boris Stankovic.


Oscar Elini and Lorenzo Sani

“I have admired Terry Lyons’ commitment and loyalty to the NBA for so many years. More so, I am very appreciative of the loyalty he has shown to USA Basketball, dating back to the early 1990’s. I am grateful that Terry afforded so much of time and hard work towards our efforts in the world of basketball.”

USA Basketball Executive Director Jim Tooley

“Few events in the history of the world have had the impact that Terry Lyons’ new venture in sports marketing and communications consulting most certainly promises…Terry’s lifelong goal of building the NBA into the business, athletic and artistic powerhouse that it has become under his nearly 3 decades of brilliant leadership there is now complete…Terry is revered, loved, trusted and respected by all those he has ever come in contact with…..His new life and career now puts him on an even higher plane and grander stage… We are all better off because of Terry and ever so thankful that he continues to make our world a better place on a constant basis….Get on this bus now, before it’s too crowded, because Terry has already proved himself to be the platinum standard of EVERYTHING….You have been suitably warned, miss this rocket ship to the penthouse at your own peril”

Bill Walton, Basketball Hall of Fame 1993

“Terry Lyons’ enormous contributions to our media relations efforts for almost three decades have been a key driver to our growth, domestically and internationally. He has grown up with the NBA and the NBA has grown up with him. Terry has traveled the world on behalf of the NBA and Team USA, spreading the basketball gospel. He has worked arduously to enhance international media coverage of our teams and our games and he has made the NBA office a welcoming center for the global basketball community and international media. We will miss him greatly, and wish him continued professional success and much personal happiness.”

NBA Commissioner David Stern